Brickell CityCentre Project

The Brickell CityCentre Project is a 5.4 million square-foot office, housing, hotel, retail and entertainment complex. Currently it is the single largest construction project in the city’s history and is underway in downtown Miami. The Brickell CityCentre looks forward to creating the next Miami landmark through this project which is expected to bring thousands of jobs to the City, creating an urban environment that will further energize the area as a destination where people will live, work and be entertained.

Prior to filling a vacancy under a Brickell CityCentre Project contract, the successful Bidder must first notify SFWIB of all job openings and list the vacancy via the Brickell CityCentre web portal.

Brickell CityCentre is seeking qualified candidates to work on the project. Residents interested in posting an application for employment to be considered by Businesses/Contractors with job opportunities may complete a Brickell CityCentre on-line application. Applications of qualified candidates will be forwarded to business with job opportunities.