Thank you for your interest in the Job Clearing House (JCH) and Community Workforce Program (CWP). The South Florida Workforce Investment Board (SFWIB), in partnership with Miami Dade County through the Small Business Development (SBD) Division of Regulatory and Economic Resources Department (RER) is working to fulfill recruitment and hiring needs for various capital improvement projects.

Job Clearinghouse

Pursuant to Miami-Dade County Resolution R-1145-99, Contractors involved in the construction of improvements on County property must post a notice of job opportunities with the Miami-Dade County Job Clearinghouse. Contractors with job openings must complete a Notice of Job Opening form below and submit to Small Business Development (SBD) Division of Regulatory and Economic Resources Department (RER) for posting.

Residents interested in posting an application for employment to be considered by contractors with job openings may complete a Job Clearinghouse (JCH) application. Applications will be forwarded to contractors with openings.

Community Workforce Program

The CWP was established and unanimously adopted by the Miami Dade County Board of County Commissioners (Board) on January 23, 2003. The CWP, which was designed to provide job opportunities to local residents of traditionally underserved and underdeveloped neighborhoods, went into effect May 5, 2003. It was amended in November 2003 to provide job opportunities to Miami-Dade County residents of Designated Target Areas (DTAs).

To achieve the objective of the program, all Capital Construction Projects and Work Orders advertised on or after May 5, 2003 are subject to the inclusion of a workforce goal if the project is located in a DTA. This goal is established by SBD and is a percentage of labor force that a County awarded contractor/subcontractor must hire from within the DTA in which the construction project/work order is located in accordance with the governing ordinance 03-237.

The SFWIB is the workforce development arm of the existing Miami-Dade County JCH and CWP to accomplish the objective of establishing a pool of skilled and unskilled labor to meet industry demand. This initiative also provides construction trades training to residents of Miami-Dade County.